JG&M Denver Show Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals from Around the World

Information for Wholesale Buyers


JG&M Expo is a mixed retail and wholesale show and is open to the public. Registration is not required for admittance, and admission is free. If you are a wholesale buyer, please have your credentials (Tax ID Number and Business Card) on hand to present to the exhibitor you are buying from.

Buyer Badges

JG&M Expo does not require wholesale buyers to register for admittance and currently does not offer its own buyer badges. Buyers are advised to have their Tax ID or EIN with them at all times. Badges from major wholesale shows are accepted by most of our exhibitors, and can help expedite your shopping experience.

Buyer Badge Pre-Registration

JG&M Expo does not currently offer buyer badges, so there is no way to pre-register for one. Please keep your TaxID or EIN on hand.