Simpson St Exhibitor List

JG&M Simpson St Floorplan

Exhibitor NameBooth NumberDescription
A&A Company201
Africa Gems Stones Dealers204Rough Colored Stones Dealer.
Ameritool408Lapidary Equipment, Jewlery Tools & Supplies, Optics.
Artistic Dynasty301Fine Jewelry
Beauty & the Beads117Beads, Gems & Minerals
Best In Gems, Inc.108Your only stop for the best.
Big Blue Coin Jewelry111
Brilliant Design212
Chi Fashion & Jewelry Design225Handmade Jewelry
Colombia Piedras Del Mundo220Emeralds and Minerals from Colombia. "The Living Crystal" The best quartz in the world!"
Colombian Minerals309We are direct importers of Quartz Crystals, Emeralds, and other Colombian Minerals. We provide top quality specimins.
Daniel Venturini Birds in Stone Carvings120Special Carvings & Stones
Dan & Linda Baker200Original, one of a kind Gold & Silver Jewelry set with Ancient Coins, Artifacts, Crystals and Gemstones.
D.B. Opals110
Ed Johnson418
El Pintao Mexican Minerals406Danburite, Datolite, Orange Calcite, Garnet, Jasper, etc.
Feng's Trading123Semiprecious Gemstones, Beads, Jewelry Importer. Better Quality & Better Service.
Gemstone Material Interiors331
Grebreselassie Ethiopian Opals303Precious Ethiopian Gemstones, Opal, and Emeralds brough directly from Ethiopia.
Hawaii Design Jewelry Co.400
Janu Gems207
Jewel Brite105
Lasco Diamond Products, Inc.305Lasco has been manufacturing high quality Diamond Coated Carving Tools and Diamond Drill Bits in the USA for over 54 years.
Lok Collections210Nepal handmade goods. Singing Bowls, Beads, and more.
Magic Stones319
Mike Woodward Photography410
Noble Phoenix307
Ohck Hawaiian Natural Jewelry202
Opalos and Obsidian Arte Limon404Art made by hand, Carvings, and Polished Stones of Obsidian Rainbow. Silver, Gold, and other Mexican rocks.
Pearl River Gems & Jewelry300
Pema Arts119
Ravenstein100Mining, Precious Faceting (E.U. & U.S.), Wholesale & Retail sales of Precious Gems & Gem Rough.
Russian Stones317
Sayed Creations211We carry loose Diamonds, Gemstones, Fine Diamond Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Coins, and Custom Designs as well.
SEAM Madagascar Imports401We sell high quality Minerals and Fossils from our factory in Madagascar.
Student Handicrafts Enterprises402
Style & Grace214Vintage Estate and Costume Jewelry in a dazzling array of styles and choices.
Trans Int'l Gem106
The Gem Cutter310
Universal Model203
Xtal Shop by R&D Xtals Inc205Hydrothermally grown Crystals for collectors, electronic and optical applications.
Yowah Opals - Australia222Australian Opals direct from miner. Boulder Opal, Yowah Nut Opal.
Yunnan Viewing Stone Association224Dali Picture Stones. Sandstone Art. Sandstone Coasters Wholesale. Wood Sculpture. Root Carvings. Arts & Crafts.